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1st Blog Assignment:

My name is Yasmeen Moussa. I am researching about Russia and places around it: Russia; Belarus; Ukraine; Moldova; Georgia; Armenia, Azerbaijan; Kazakhstan; Uzbekistan; Turkmenistan; Kyrgyzstan; Tajikistan; Estonia; Lithuania, Latvia. I looked around and I have chosen to follow Veronica Khokhlova. I chose her because she makes many posts and they are all about the interesting things that happen around Russia.

The Riga city (in Latvia) council has effectively suspended the right to free assembly near the Freedom Monument on March 16, a date associated with commemorations of the World War II Latvian Legion as well as counter-demonstrations claiming the Legion memorials glorify Nazism.
Several organizations, including the war veteran’s welfare association Daugavas Vanagi had applied to march or gather near the monument. The city council imposed the ban citing security fears.

I think that it’s unfair to do so. The people of Riga should be allowed to go and meet around the area for free. The blogger that I follow is good at what she does however she does not right everything she finds out she links it to other pages that have blogs by other people. In my opinion I think it is a smart idea because she shows the websites where she gets her information. The blogs that she links us to are blogs by people who make their stories clear which helps a lot.

It was really hard for me to find the information because the person I chose to follow was the only one who wrote about my region and I, at the time, didn’t like the idea of her not saying anything and only linking to other people’s blogs. I wouldn’t have chosen her if there were any other people who blog. iGoogle does help a lot because I first went to my iGoogle page and the blogs were all made by Veronica Khokhlova and that’s how I got to see her blogs. My internet was fast and I had no problem with it.

To conclude this assignment was fun to do and it was a new way of writing our thoughts and things we find out. Our project about connected world will teach us many things about what’s going on with our world. I was happy when I got to do Russia and places around it because I have never learned about Russia and I have never followed any news stories. Following a blogger will be fun too because we get to read things made by other people and if there are comments I always read them to find out what other people are thinking about. I can’t wait for our next blog assignment.

5 thoughts on “Connected World

  1. Hi Yasmeen!
    I really think that you have good opinions and you say what you think well. I agree that the people of Riga should be allowed to go to the area and meet for free, I don’t think they should stop that I think it’s unfair, also.
    I enjoyed reading about your opinions! I agree with most of what you said. iGoogle does work well, but only if you can find a decent blog.

  2. Only 1 person wrote about Russia? Wow well I guess that’s true after all most about who write about Russia aren’t from Russia. I hope you find someone else that will write.

  3. Hi Yasmeen: I am Lisa, and I’m a teacher in Pasadena, California, at a school where Robin used to be a teacher and an administrator. She told me about her students’ blogs, and I thought I would check one out. Since your name was last on the list, I decided to look at your blog. I think it is so cool! I love the picture you included, and following someone who lives somewhere else is such an excellent idea. Thanks for posting online!

  4. Hello i am Nathan i am one of Lisas students lisa is a good friend of your teacher Mrs. Ulsted. I Think this blog was very intelectual and interesting and showed great passion to the situation of Georgia i loved reading your blog.
    Sincerly Nathan

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