Connected World Post #2

  I am back to post about my region. This week I have chosen a new blogger to follow, his name is Onnik Krikorianhe posts many things about Azerbaijan and that is one of the countries in my region (a link to the post). He is a journalist and photojournalist of Armenian and English descent who has been resident in the Republic of Armenia since 1998.

  In Azerbaijan they celebrate a holiday called Novruz. It is holiday to celebrate the arrival of spring. It is believed to be Zoroastrian holiday. Novruzis now one of the most anticipated holidays to be openly marked in Azerbaijan. Also observed in Afghanistan and Iran as well as by the Kurds in Turkey. the fact that Novruz transcends nationalities, cultures and religions is most remarkable. The fact that Shia Islam had adopted, nurtured and saved this great day, with all its traditions intact is most amazing. While Christianity had changed pagan holidays and made them their own,  Islam could not and would not do that. In Azerbaijan, a country with a Shiite Muslim majority population, nine days holiday were declared instead of the normal five. Zehra’s Daily yesterday explained the origins and significance of Novruz.

  I would have loved to be there and celebrate with the people of Azerbaijan because it sounds like a very colorful and festive holiday. I think that because it’s the start of spring. This blogger is much better than the other one because he writes wat he thinks and quotes things from other things he has read about it. he also links to the places where he found his infromation. His writing iss clear enough for me to understand.

  This time the my internet did not work on saturday so I was very frustrated. Fortunatly my father fixed it over night and I got to go on it in the morning. The internet was not fast but not slow so it was easy to use. I enjoyed reading the blog because it was not about the unhappy bad things that are happening it was about happiness and celebrating I hope to find many more posts like this one. I did not use my iGoogle at all this time because usually all the links are about other regions and countries and never mine so I just took a faster way and went straight onto Global Voices. Until next time!

This Picture is Shekerbura which is a traditional Novruz sweet pastry, if you want to know how to cook it go to Farida’s Azerbaijani Cookbook.


Connected World

1st Blog Assignment:

My name is Yasmeen Moussa. I am researching about Russia and places around it: Russia; Belarus; Ukraine; Moldova; Georgia; Armenia, Azerbaijan; Kazakhstan; Uzbekistan; Turkmenistan; Kyrgyzstan; Tajikistan; Estonia; Lithuania, Latvia. I looked around and I have chosen to follow Veronica Khokhlova. I chose her because she makes many posts and they are all about the interesting things that happen around Russia.

The Riga city (in Latvia) council has effectively suspended the right to free assembly near the Freedom Monument on March 16, a date associated with commemorations of the World War II Latvian Legion as well as counter-demonstrations claiming the Legion memorials glorify Nazism.
Several organizations, including the war veteran’s welfare association Daugavas Vanagi had applied to march or gather near the monument. The city council imposed the ban citing security fears.

I think that it’s unfair to do so. The people of Riga should be allowed to go and meet around the area for free. The blogger that I follow is good at what she does however she does not right everything she finds out she links it to other pages that have blogs by other people. In my opinion I think it is a smart idea because she shows the websites where she gets her information. The blogs that she links us to are blogs by people who make their stories clear which helps a lot.

It was really hard for me to find the information because the person I chose to follow was the only one who wrote about my region and I, at the time, didn’t like the idea of her not saying anything and only linking to other people’s blogs. I wouldn’t have chosen her if there were any other people who blog. iGoogle does help a lot because I first went to my iGoogle page and the blogs were all made by Veronica Khokhlova and that’s how I got to see her blogs. My internet was fast and I had no problem with it.

To conclude this assignment was fun to do and it was a new way of writing our thoughts and things we find out. Our project about connected world will teach us many things about what’s going on with our world. I was happy when I got to do Russia and places around it because I have never learned about Russia and I have never followed any news stories. Following a blogger will be fun too because we get to read things made by other people and if there are comments I always read them to find out what other people are thinking about. I can’t wait for our next blog assignment.